Williams Lab

Paleoecology - Paleoecoinformatics - Global Climate Change - Quaternary Environments.

Who We Are

The Williams Lab studies vegetation change and its drivers, across diverse spatial and temporal scales, with an emphasis on the environmental changes of the last 20,000 years as a model system for global change research. Key research areas include no-analog climates and communities, the drivers of abrupt ecological change, and the interactions among vegetation, climate, disturbance regime, megafauna, and humans. We employ a diverse mix of tools (primary collection of paleoenvironmental data, data synthesis, and ecological and climate modeling) and seek to foster strong and productive collaborations, within and outside our research group. We share a strong commitment to advancing scientific communications, education, diversity, and mentorship from the undergraduate to postgraduate levels.

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Williams Lab
Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin
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Madison, Wisconsin