Graduate Student Opportunities

Numbers vary, but typically I bring in one new graduate student each year. Students pursue a mixture of projects, some more focused on primary data collection in the field and lab, while others are more focused on data syntheses, data visualization, and data-model comparison.

The Geography Department at the University of Wisconsin is one of the top Geography programs in the country at one of the top research universities in the world. It’s an excellent place to pursue interdisciplinary research into environmental change. Madison is a great place to live and work, and Science Hall, the location of the Geography Department, is right in the middle of campus, next to the Memorial Union and the Terrace.

Key graduate research and educational resources include the Center for Climatic Research CCR, The Climate, People, and Environment Seminar CPEP, Wisconsin Ecology WE, the Cartography Lab Cart Lab, the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment SAGE. We also regularly work with the National Lacustrine Core Facility LacCore at the University of Minnesota.

Graduate applications are usually due in mid-December.

If you are interested in joining the Williams Lab, please contact Dr. Williams. You should also contact Dr. Sharon Kahn, Director of the Graduate Program, for details about the application process. More information about the graduate program is available on the Geography website.

Undergraduate Student Opportunities

Undergraduate students at UW-Madison regularly work in the Williams Lab, with usually 2-4 students at any moment helping process sediment cores, analyze sediments for paleoecological proxies, and conduct independent research projects and honors theses. If you’re interested, send Jack an email with your CV and transcript or list of the courses taken. Good windows to reach out are late summer / early fall (Aug-Sept) and early spring (Jan-March), but contacts welcome anytime.